PSG – Control Remote Chiller and System Pump Start Stop

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Detailed information on how to use commonly available parts to turn your chiller components on and off remotely.

We have provided a PDF download file that describes how to use commonly available parts to remotely start and stop your Legacy Chillers system pump as well as the entire chiller.

Before proceeding, there are a few items to keep in mind:

1. It is NOT recommended to use the chillers internal 24v power supply to power the described controls. You should always use an independent transformer capable of providing between 22.5v and 30.0v VAC to the components.

2. The Mars PN# 32391 time delay relay is in the circuit to prevent chatter of the pilot duty relays indicated. Failure to use this time delay can result in damage to the micro-processor controller.

3. Legacy recommends using only high quality “Plenum-Rated” (min 24ga) control wiring between your buildings automation system and the described control items herein. DO NOT USE CAT 5 OR OTHER PHONE RATED CABLES.

4. Prior to making your chiller connections, we recommend that you verify supply voltage to make sure you are presenting supply power within the voltage ranges indicated above.

5. Legacy Chiller Systems does NOT warrant against damage to your chiller by instructions or drawings provided herein. Although damage is very rare, it can occur for many reasons and such damage is not covered under your Legacy Limited Manufactures Warranty.

6. If you are having trouble finding the described parts locally, we have provided links on the attached PDF file to our website where you can order these items.

All Legacy Chiller models with PSG micro-processor controls. Article does NOT apply to Legacy models shipped with IDEC PLC controls that have the remote start stop connections standard.



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