Chiller Problems – HTA alarm on chiller startup

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This article describes what to do when your chiller’s HTA alarm sounds on initial startup. The problem is most likely due to a fluid temperature set above the set HTA temperature.

Upon start up, (HTA) hi temp alarm received on micro

At the time initial startup, the microprocessor compares the process fluid temperature against the high temp alarm (HTA) set point. If the process fluid temperature is above HTA set point, the microprocessor will indicate the alarm on the local and remote micro screens.

Clear the alarm by momentarily pushing the power button. Once the alarm is cleared, go into the factory-programming mode and adjust the HTA alarm to 99F until the tank or process loop temp is down to your set point. Once the first compressor cycle is completed, you should program the HTA alarm to sp1 + 10F.

See IOM booklet for detailed information on microprocessor programming and a complete list of alarm codes.

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