PLC – IDEC OS Firmware Update Procedure

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This article contains instructions on how to update the IDEC PLC firmware to the latest version.

When performing PLC/HMI control logic software update, downloaded from this site, an error indicating “PLC Type/Version Error.

Features offered on the latest PLC logic update are not supported on the PLC’s current OS version.

In these cases, the PLC’s OS must be updated. Once the OS update is completed, the latest logic version(s) can be loaded normally.

In order to take advantage of the latest features now available for your chiller control system, please follow these steps:

1. Items you will need to take with you to the job site:

A. A laptop, ideally running windows 7 or newer.

B. A Sandisk brand jump drive with the latest logic program files in the root directory. You can download the latest logic files using the link at the bottom of this article.

C. On your laptop, you have pre-downloaded the a copy of Automation Organizer (AO) software onto your desktop. You can download a copy of AO below. Note, AO is a large file so it is ideal to perform this download on a broadband connection before heading to the jobsite.

D. A USB (male) to mini-usb (male) cable. Note, please see video #4 below for more information on this cable.

E. Since the instructions on how to perform an OS update are provided as video content, it is recommended to download the video’s provided below onto your laptop for easy viewing while at the job site. In order to perform a download of these video’s you can try this

2. Once you have everything you need above, here are the video’s that provide the step by step process on how to perform an OS update:

A. Video #1: –Step 1 Error message

B. Video #2: – Step 2 File extraction **Download file from the link below

* C. Video #3: – Step 3 Installing files

* Important when installing the IDEC AO software: During the installation process, you may be asked to install drivers. Should you receive such a message please DO install all drivers.

D. Video #4: – Step 4 Connecting cable to PLC

** E. Video #5: – Step 5 Updating OS

** Important items when performing the OS update: Once update starts DO NOT unplug the USB cable or turn power off to the chiller. This could cause unrecoverable issues with your PLC requiring replacement.

F. Video #6: – Step 6 Update logic files and start chiller

All Legacy Brand process chiller shipped with the IDEC touch screen micro-processor control.


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