Legacy Process Chillers

The term “Process Chiller” describes a special class of chillers much different than what you find surfing the internet these days.  In basic terms, a process chiller is designed for industrial use 24/7/365 unlike chillers used seasonally for air conditioning for example.

A good example of a process chiller application would be cooling medical applications such as an MRI, CT, PET or LINAC. When in operation, these systems can generate significant amounts of heat energy. If this energy is not removed quickly, these important medical applications will cease to operate resulting is direct revenue impact.

Bottom line, process duty chillers are Mission Critical and manufactures who choose to service  this market must be up to the unique challenges. For over two decades Legacy Chiller Systems built its business on delivering quality products to the Mission Critical process chiller market.

Process Chillers



Can you feel it?  If you don’t buy chillers on a regular basis, you may feel some confusion setting in?

If this is happening, don’t worry we are here to guild you through the process. The first step is choosing between and Air-Cooled or Water-Cooled chiller. If you are feeling a bit stuck, consider chatting with one of our engineers (bottom right of your screen) or calling 877-988-5464.

Air-Cooled Process Chillers

Air-cooled process chillers will reject process heat to the air. Typically these chillers are located outdoors thus transporting heat to the outside air.

Water-Cooled Process Chillers

Water-cooled process chiller will reject process heat to another fluid based medium. In most cases, heat rejection by water-cooled process chillers will go to an outdoor located cooling tower.