Process Chiller Markets

Process Chillers Basics:  Chillers work on the same refrigeration principals as your home or car air conditioner. When your home or car is hot, air conditioners move heat from inside to outside. As like your air conditioner, a chiller removes heat from fluid (generally water or a water/glycol mix) and transports that heat (energy) from a location that is not wanted to another more appropriate location.

Regular chiller vs Process Chiller: Unlike standard duty chillers, used for air conditioning or comfort cooling, process chillers are specially engineered for 24/7/365 use. The word Process generally means the chiller is cooling something that is an important process to its user. This could me something like and MRI, CT, Linac (for Cancer therapy), brewery, laser etc.  A process chiller (or fluid chiller) must contain specially designed components for extended reliable operation in extreme conditions. Each component must be selected for 24/7/365 service duty. Furthermore, in many mission critical process chiller applications, accuracy of the delivered fluid temperature is paramount as many mission critical applications can not tolerate variances in supply fluid temperatures.

Process Chillers

Process Chillers for
Medical - MRI, CT, LINAC

For medical applications such as MRI, CT or LINAC, Legacy Chiller Systems provides comprehensive lineup of Process Chiller solutions for all major brands.  To access our pre-engineered Process Chiller solutions for your medical applications, simply click the “View Our Medical Process Chillers” link below. If you don’t find your specific application listed, just open a chat (lower right of your screen) or call to connect with one of our dedicated process engineers. Your dedicated engineer will act as your guide through the entire selection, manufacturing and startup process of your new process chiller.

Process Chillers for
Semi Conductors Test/R&D

Process Chillers for Semi-Conductor Test is how Legacy Chiller System started. In 1995, Hewlett Packard (HP) developed the first SOC 8300k test platform that revolutionized the digital test market as it used water to cool the test head compared to air that had been used for many years. Legacy developed the first OEM process chiller line to cool HP’s flagship. In less than 18 months, Legacy Chiller Systems had process chillers in dozens of HP’s USA sites as well as sites located in over a dozen countries. Initially, Legacy’s SOC test chiller line consisted of only two chillers with about ten factory installed options. Today, Legacy makes SIXTY different OEM process chiller models with over thirty options servicing over a dozen different semi-conductor test platforms.

Process Chillers for

For over two decades, Legacy Chiller Systems has provided USA manufactured process chillers for both private and military laser systems. In addition to standard process chillers for the most common laser systems, Legacy can provide custom OEM chillers with advanced communications for just about any application.

Process Chillers for
Fermentation - Brewery, Wine, Distilleries

Legacy Chiller has a great line up of pre-engineered and custom process chiller solution designed for production of Beer, Wine or Distilled Spirits.  If you are new to selecting process chiller equipment for these application, Legacy offers a STRESS FREE guided process to help current and future market leaders make some great products. If you are an established business looking to make an upgrade Legacy can help you take it to the next level.  If you need one on one assistance, just click the chat link below or call us for access to one of our dedicated engineer.

Process Chiller for
Dairy and Food Production

Food processing is a very dynamic and exciting market. Legacy Chiller Systems has the opportunity to work with small farmers all the way up to multi national flood producer to solve one key program. How to efficiently meet the needs of the ever growing demand for innovative agriculture and livestock based products. If you are producer with the need for cutting edge fluid cooling solutions Legacy Chiller Systems is here to help.

Food producers come to us with complex cooling challenges. Customer have found that Legacy’s built to order,  USA based manufacturing and one on one engineering support is the key to getting cooling problems solved quickly.

Process Chillers for
Cannabis and CBD production

Legacy Chiller Systems as a long tradition of helping emerging markets solve real process cooling challenges.  From cold wash, to nutrient injection to the latest CBD production, Legacy has over two decades of experience in helping new businesses working to be first in the market place close the gab between planning to production.