Custom / OEM / Private Label Chiller Manufacturing

Legacy understands that not all process cooling requirements fit off the shelf systems designs. For this reason, Legacy provides a wide range of custom OEM design and manufacturing capabilities.

Private Label Chillers 100%

For volume accounts, Legacy offers private label process chiller manufacturing agreements. If your company has been purchasing more than ten chillers per year, Legacy’s private label program could double your current volume (and profit) in less than three years.

2D / 3D Design 100%

Legacy can take your current design from concept to SolidWorks 3D at very affordable rates. Depending on your OEM chiller production volumes, Legacy can amortize design costs into your unit production plans dramatically reducing prototype costs.

State of the Art Production 100%

In our 100,000 square foot chiller production facility Legacy runs several OEM chiller production lines. Key steps of our production process are highly automated assuring that chillers come off the line with consistent quality our customer expect. With the financial backing of a (privately owned and operated) 2.6 Billion dollar company with over 1,000,0000 square feet of total manufacturing and HVAC component warehousing, Legacy can service both large and small scale chiller production needs.

Load Run Testing and Quality Control 100%

All production machines are run tested under load. As part of our state of the art QC process, all key operating points of each chiller are recorded on our testing system. Output reports from load testing is printed and shipped with every chiller. Once load testing is completed, each Legacy system is checked  and detailed in our QC department.

For more information on Legacy’s Custom / OEM Chiller Manufacturing Service call or complete the contact request form on this page.
For more information on OEM manufacturing or private label agreements call: 877-988-5463 X 101.