Condenser Fan Motor Run Capacitor Failure

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Air cooled condenser fan motor run capacitor has failed on a 480v-3ph-60hz (T4) chiller system. This can cause the condenser fan motor to not spin normally and can also cause malfunctions with the optional ICM variable fan speed control.

A slow down or stoppage of any condenser fan motor can also cause compressor high pressure (hi1 or hi2) cooling shutdowns.

In certain environmental conditions, or sites that have incoming city power close to or exceeding 480vac, the standard 370vac x 10mf run capacitor, that is integrated into the side of the condenser fan motor, may see over the rated 370vac. Over time, this can cause overheating and potential failure of the capacitor.

If your chiller has experienced a run capacitor failure and it fits within the “Applied To” comments below, please contact your Legacy Chiller Systems Sales Engineer or VAR for assistance.

In all cases currently known, replacement of the Emerson stock run capacitor with a 440vac x 10 mf corrects this potential problem.

If your chiller is still under Legacy Chiller Systems limited warranty, Legacy will provide an upgraded 440vac x 10 mf condenser fan motor run capacitor free of charge provided the old 370vac x 10mf run capacitor is return to the factory. Standard labor allowances for the changeout, as in indicated in your IOM booklet will apply.

Air cooled condenser process chillers manufactured after 6-1-10 that come standard with the ultra quiet “wing swept” fan blade.



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