Chiller TECHNET Article -AuraCool Chiller Economizer Technology – Introduction

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Chiller TECHNET Article -AuraCool Chiller Economizer Technology – Introduction: For process cooling, chillers have been used for a variety of applications such as MRI, Lasers, Semiconductors, Advanced Military systems, Data Centers and Surgical Rooms.

Until the release of Legacy’s AuraCool Economizer Technology, building owners interested in the benefits of going GREEN, would need to invest in major mechanical system overhauls. In the past, major chiller efficiency renovations on existing buildings have been be risky, commonly going over budget and taking longer than expected. With AuraCool, building owners now have an option to improve the efficiency of an existing chiller system with a much lower capitol cost and risk. At the same time, AuraCool can move Return on Investment (ROI) from decades to just a few years.



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