Legacy ChillerGuard – Installation and Setup

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Legacy ChillerGuard Installation and setup documentation

Legacy’s ChillerGuard remote IP device can be retrofit onto all model chillers shipped after 1-1-2009. For chillers shipped prior to 1-1-09, Legacy offers a retrofit that includes an upgraded micro-processor, sensors and pressure transducer cables.

Chiller Guard FAQ:

1. Field Connection: There are three RJ-45 (Ethernet) connection found on the ChillerGuard device. Please refer below for the proper network connections.

A. Ethernet: Connect this socket to your building network switch or router using a standard Ethernet patch cable.

B. Master: Connect this socket to your chillers micro processor RJ-45 socket.

C. Remote: Connect this socket to an optional remote micro processor should you have one.

2. The ChillerGuard device is NOT outdoor rated. For best performance and reliability, install as close as possible to your network router/switch gear.

3. Ethernet cables should not exceed 275 feet. Line lengths that exceed this length may require an additional switch or Ethernet repeater.

4. Connecting direct from a PC to the “Network” connection on the ChillerGuard will require a crossover able that can be purchased at most electronic stores such as BestBuy or Radio Shack.

5. Legacy has been made aware that some laptops running the XP Pro operating system may have difficulty connecting with ChillerGuard. Should you experience a problem running the set program, try connecting using a desktop machine. As of December 2010, Legacy has not been able to determine if this rate connection issue has to do with Windows or specific laptop brands. Research into this rare issue is ongoing and we hope to have it resolved soon.

6. Legacy does not support network router programming making it possible for customers to connect to ChillerGuard from outside the host network. Check with your Network Administrator for such support.

For a copy of the required software:
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