Chiller System Problems – Scroll Processor Won’t Start

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This article provides information as to how to fix a chiller system with a scroll processor that will not start. This problem is most likely due to a problem with the solid-state protection module.

Copeland Scroll compressor will not start.

Copeland Scroll compressors, 10 HP and over, are equipped with a solid-state compressor protection module. This devise is mounted within the compressors high voltage terminal block and is wired to internal compressor winding sensors designed to prevent the Scroll from starting when potentially adverse starting condition exist.

The attached “Scroll Solid State – Motor Winding Trouble shooting” guide will assist a qualified technician to determine if the module is in proper working order. Legacy recommends performing the recommended tasks outline in the attached document before reporting a Scroll compressor or module defective.

All Legacy Models with Scroll compressors over 10 HP



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