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Chiller compressor starts and runs, then shuts off after a few minutes of running. Microprocessor controller indicates Low-pressure safety trip. Refrigeration suction pressure is low and head pressure is low.
In order to meet US Department of Transportation (DOT) requirements during transport, receiver valves on chiller systems equipment with flooded condenser (optional) are shipped in the front seated (closed) position. Should the compressor be started while the receiver valves are in the closed position, a system pump down will occur. Once the compressor suction pressure drops below the LP1 pre-set, the microprocessor will automatically shut down the compressor.

Prior to startup, the inlet and outlet valves located on the receiver must be fully back seated � opened. This can be done by:

1. Locating the flooded condenser receiver. This is a vertical black tank component with two valves attached to it. Note: On larger Semi-hermetic compressor system the receiver will be a large horizontal mounted component.

2. Remove the plastic dust caps using the proper size hex wrench.

3. Using the proper sized hex wrench or refrigeration service ratchet, turn the chrome valves stem counter clock wise until the stem is fully back seated.

4. Using the proper size hex wrench, tighten (� turn max) the valve packing nut before replacing the plastic dust covers.

5. Using the proper size hex wrench, replace and tighten plastic dust caps. Thread by hand to stop plus � turn with hex wrench.

6. Remove paper tags that may be attached to receiver valves.

Legacy Chiller Systems Installation operations guide booklet shipped with chiller.

All chiller models equipped with flooded receivers.

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