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How can I upgrade to the new remote micro control panel?

In June of 2005, Legacy Chiller Systems released its upgraded microprocessor controller in addition to a new remote microprocessor based controller. The new remote controller makes it possible to perform many of the chiller control functions from up to 500 feet away. Chillers produced after June of 2005 will have the remote capable microprocessor controller installed on the chiller already. If not, the chiller microprocessor controller will need to be replaced to the latter model. If you are not sure if your existing microprocessor controller is remote capable, follow these steps:

1. Turn the power to the chiller OFF.

2. Remove the sheet metal access panel closest to the compressor.

3. Locate the back of the microprocessor controller.

4. Remove the four stainless screws holding a sheet metal dust cover in place over the back of the microprocessor board. Be careful not to loose this hardware.

5. Looking at the back of the microprocessor, if your microprocessor is remote capable you will see an RJ-45 female plug socket on the board. If you do not see such a connection, your microprocessor is NOT remote capable and it will need to be changed to accommodate the remote.

6. Make sure to replace all covers before turning power back onto your chiller.

Customers who wish to purchase the upgraded remote capable microprocessor controller package can do so via the Legacy Chiller Systems on-line store at www.legacychillers.com or by calling toll free 877-988-5464.

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