Toshiba Medical America Systems (TAMS) – No longer selling chillers for MRI

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Article discusses recent changes at Toshiba Medical America Systems (TAMS) to no longer package chillers with their Vantage, Excelart, Opart and Opart Ultra MRI applications.


For many years now, Toshiba Medical America Systems (TAMS) has sold air-cooled chillers with their popular Vantage, Excelart, Opart and Opart Ultra Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) applications. Well, it appears that those days are quickly coming to an end. Very soon, TAMS will be concluding the current business model of selling OEM or matched cooling solutions with there MRI’s. Although this change will not happen over night, it will present some challenges for hospitals and medical clinics who often set their budgets for large capitol investments many years in advance. Purchasing and Facility Managers my find themselves needing to go out on the open market to purchase air-cooled or water-cooled chillers that are compatible with TAMS MRI applications.

To help ease the pain, Legacy Chiller Systems recommends:

1. Look for a manufacture that has OEM designs and experience with the specific TAMS MRI you are planning for.

2. Make sure to PDF a copy of the site preparation guide for the subject MRI and end it to the chiller manufacture as part of the quote process.

3. Choose a chiller manufacture that can provide fast access to replacement parts for your chiller.

4. ALWAYS get factory startup. Make all chiller manufactures offering pricing for your project offer such a service.

For more information on Legacy Chiller Systems complete line of TAMS OEM chiller systems click the link below that applies to your TAMS MRI platform:

Opart Ultra


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