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PAC-SEMI-800D-AIRCOOLED-Capacity table

The attached file contains a chiller capacity table for the PAC-SEMI-800D-AIRCOOLED chiller system. CAPACITIES SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE PAC-SEMI-800D-AIRCOOLED

PACT - Package (Scroll) Air-Cooled Process Chiller Submittals

The attached PDF contains the latest submittal data on Legacy PACT (Scroll)- Packaged Air-Cooled condenser submittals.

Phase reversal

Scroll compressor running but is loud with poor cooling and pumping performance. This condition commonly occurs at startup. When the chiller is run tested at the factory, there is...

PLC - Idec OS firmware update procedure

When performing PLC/HMI control logic software update, downloaded from this site, an error indicating "PLC Type/Version Error. Features offered on the latest PLC logic update are...

PLC/HMI Update Procedure - Four or More Compressor Models

These instructions require inserting a USB drive into the back of your chiller’s HMI Touch Screen while power is on. You should not attempt this unless you understand the...

PLC/HMI Update Procedure for Single and Dual Compressor Models

Important information: If your chiller of PSG retrofit kit was manufactured prior to 4-28-16, please check your chillers control version located on the lower left of your home...

Power Generation - First Law of Thermodynamics

The First Law of Thermodynamics simply states that energy can be neither created nor destroyed (conservation of energy). Thus power generation processes and energy sources...

Power Generation & Conversion - Second Law of Thermodynamics

This article describes the second law of thermodynamics. The second law of thermodynamics summarizes that totally different events involving all kinds of energy have a common...

Power Surge Electrical Rate Increases In America - Businessweek August 2008

As electricity costs spike and demand taxes the grid, some states are eyeing ways to insulate consumers.

Process Chiller Buyers Guide - Air cooled vs water cooled process chillers - By Legacy Chillers

Article covers key differences between air cooled and water cooled process chillers

Process Chiller Buyers Guide - Chiller controls and their importance - By Legacy Chiller Systems

Article covers process chiller controls and their importance

Process Chiller Buyers Guide - Common process chiller configurations - By Legacy Chiller Systems

Article covers Common process chiller configurations for air cooled and water cooled process chillers

Process Chiller Buyers Guide - Process Chillers Duty Cycle - By Legacy Chiller Systems

Article covers the
Process Chiller Duty Cycle.

Process Chiller Buyers Guide - Process Chillers Features Matter - By Legacy Chiller Systems

Article covers why features matter with process chillers.

Process Chiller Buyers Guide - Process Markets - By Legacy Chiller Systems

Article covers popular process chiller markets

Process Chiller Buyers Guide - What chiller manufacturers dont tell you - By Legacy Chiller Systems

What chiller manufacturers don’t tell you.

Process Chiller Energy Audit Software by Legacy Chiller Systems

This process chiller energy audit tool quickly calculates how much users are spending to operate up to TEN process chillers on the same site. In addition, it calculates carbon...

Process Chiller SystemSyzer Design Software by Legacy Chiller Systems

SystemSyzer Design Software quickly calculates process chiller capacity, pump size and even process piping size. This is a must have chiller design tool for both end users and...

PSG - Control remote chiller and system pump Start Stop

We have provided a PDF download file that describes how to use commonly available parts to remotely start and stop your Legacy Chillers system pump as well as the entire...

PSG - Microprocessor "ERR" issues

Persistent PSG microprocessor control “Err” (top screen) with “TSO” or “TSI” showing on bottom screen. This bulletin also covers a “32” (top screen) and “32”...

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