Chiller Evolution


It’s hard to believe that process chillers have been around for so many years. The contirbution process chillers has had on the brewery/distillery industry is unmearurable, but it took a lot of work, trial and error, and failures to get the process chiller just right! Here are some of the challenges the early process chillers […]


Q and A

Did you know Legacy Chiller Systems has a YouTube channel? Our channel is packed with helpful tutorials and videos from everything to purchasing your first process chiller, regular maintenance, all the way up to how to know when is it time for a chiller upgrade.  There are also video lectures on refrigeration, and even a […]

Drone on!


Drones seem to be taking over a lot of industries lately, and the HVAC industry is no different!  Latley, we are seeing more and more drones being used in the facility maintenance field.  Managers can use drones to inspect areas that are difficult for humans to get to. Why are these little machines so beneficial, […]

American Pride

martin king

Last week we learned that all of Legacy Chiller Systems parts and components are manufactured right here is the United States.  This week, we sat down and chatted with Legacy’s CEO, Martin King to find out why being a ‘Made in America’ company is so important to him. Legacy Chiller Systems’ manufacturing plant is located […]

Made in America

Made in America

Did you know that all of Legacy Chiller Systems parts and components are made right here in the USA? We are very proud that all of our products are American-made, and manufactured in the city of Telford, Pennsylvania. With HVAC month coming up in just a few days, there has been lots of recent talk […]

MRI vs. CT?

Ct scan vs MRI

You might not think so, but an MRI scan is very different from an X-Ray. Radiation: The main difference between the 2 are that there is no radiation involved in an MRI scan. An MRI scan  uses a strong magnetic field and pulses radio waves to make images of the inside of the body.  An […]