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Did you know Legacy Chiller Systems has a YouTube channel?

Our channel is packed with helpful tutorials and videos from everything to purchasing your first process chiller, regular maintenance, all the way up to how to know when is it time for a chiller upgrade.  There are also video lectures on refrigeration, and even a 9-part refrigeration series hosted by our CEO.  But what we at Legacy are most excited about is our newest project launch!


What is SmartDrop?

This week our founder and CEO Martin King launched a new YouTube series called ‘SmartDrop Services’

With Smartdrop Services our viewers get a chance to learn straight from the experts, one on one!  Weekly…Martin will answer real field questions sent in directly from you every week!

This week’s question sent in by viewers was:

“What is the purpose of a city water changeover panel in a process chiller application?”

To find out the answer tune in and subscribe to Legacy Chillers’ YouTube Channel

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