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martin king

Last week we learned that all of Legacy Chiller Systems parts and components are manufactured right here is the United States.  This week, we sat down and chatted with Legacy’s CEO, Martin King to find out why being a ‘Made in America’ company is so important to him.

Legacy Chiller Systems’ manufacturing plant is located in Pennsylvania.  Why did you choose to open the plant on the East Coast?

Martin: “I started the company back in 1997 in San Jose, CA.  When the 2000’s came around and we hit the dot com frenzy, it suddenly became too expensive to manufacture in CA.  There was a very low labor pool available at the time, and CA had set many new environmental laws which also hindered our production.”

When did you make the move to Pennsylvania?

Martin: “We opened up the plant in Pennsylvania during the early 2000’s.  I chose Pennsylvania because it is a very manufacturer-friendly state.  Also my business partner Jim resides in there, so he is able to run the plant.  Pennsylvania also has a larger labor pool, and lower manufacturing costs than the state of California.”

How has being based in the United States helped increase your client base?

Martin: “Being based out of the US has definitely increased our client base.  US companies are very dedicated to helping each other out.  Also having all of our customer service reps and maintenance technicians speak English helps customers feel more comfortable.

Has being based in Pensylvania affected your product’s prices?

Martin: “Our prices have not been affected by staying in-house.  All of our chillers’ components are made in the US to begin with, so it just made sense to open our manufacturing plant here as well.  We have been with many of our vendors for a long time, and are proud to produce quality products and services daily.”

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