Drone on!


Drones seem to be taking over a lot of industries lately, and the HVAC industry is no different!  Latley, we are seeing more and more drones being used in the facility maintenance field.  Managers can use drones to inspect areas that are difficult for humans to get to.

Why are these little machines so beneficial, you ask? Well for starters…drones can be deployed to inspect difficult to reach areas such as rooftops for HVAC maintenance. By using a drone to survey rooftop maintenance you can get a good view of what needs to be cleaned or repaired inside the unit, before sending a technician in. Drones also help technicians get a firm idea of what needs to be cleaned, or worked on before heading inside the unit.  This can greatly reduce the time each technician needs to spend inside potentially dangerous areas. The use of drones automatically eliminates ALL physical risks for maintenance technicians.

Impressed? …wait there’s more! A drone with the right camera and software can also limit the need for scaffolding, scissor lifts and extra workers, which will in turn make inspections more affordable for the company. Drone inspections can catch problems such as debris stuck inside a vent, before it becomes a major issue on the energy efficiency of the building

Not sold yet? How about this… In areas where there are frequent high winds, branches and debris can blow onto rooftop HVAC units.  Drones can be used to survey all of the buildings after bad weather or a storm. Smaller drones with strong lights can be used to inspect ducts and other indoor material. This can be very helpful in large plants where duct work can go on for miles.

Drones are an excellent way to gather thermal imaging. HVAC professionals already use thermal imaging to detect leaks and other sources of energy loss in a building. With a drone, you can combine the interior infrared imaging with exterior infrared images for a unbeatable view of what is happening inside your HVAC system

These little guys aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. Drones are predicted to appear in many more industries over the next few years, making day-to-day maintenance safer, easier and more cost effective for the HVAC industry and many more!

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