4 Benefits of Preventive Maintenance on a Process Chiller

Preventive Maintenance on a Process Chiller

Chiller maintenance is not just for when something goes wrong. Most people would agree that preventive maintenance is a good thing, but it’s also something that is easy to ignore until you have a big problem. But preventative chiller maintenance can save you a ton in the long run. .

So, what are some of the main benefits of preventive maintenance?

Increased Energy Efficiency

The use of high performance equipment can result in considerable energy cost savings, up to 10 and 40 percent! So, why not give your equipment the ability to run at peak performance, and benefit from lowered monthly utility bills with energy efficient operations?  It’s a no brainer!

Extended Equipment Lifespan

Equipment that is clogged with dirt, dust and grime has to work much harder and longer to create the same amount of heating or cooling, which can lead to early burnout or failure of expensive equipment. Why waste your money on new equipment when spending it on preventive maintenance makes much more sense?  It’s financially beneficial  to extend the life of your chiller, rather than purchasing a new unit.

Improved Air Quality 

Indoor air quality can be affected by dirty coils and blower parts within your cooling unit. This can cause many health problems for employees.  Pollen, fungi and bacteria buildup can be inhaled everyday, which can cause asthma attacks; eye, nose, and throat irritation; and flu-like illnesses for employees. Regular cleaning of the coils and blower parts will reduce contamination of your airstream and makes for a healthier working environment.

Decreased Costly Repairs

Scheduling regular maintenance can greatly reduce the potential for costly repair service. Although it’s impossible to avoid all chiller repair situations, preventive care can save a lot of money on unanticipated heating and cooling emergencies.

So what’s the bottom line? Prevention is always better! The benefits of preventive maintenance certainly lead to big savings of time and money in the long run.. By scheduling routine maintenance work on your chiller, you will save time and money on repairs , and hopefully avoid any serious issues!

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