Got Cake?


November is all about dairy at Legacy Chiller Systems, but did you know that there’s more to dairy month than just plain old milk?  Chillers are an essential part of many food businesses, and bakeries are no different. (WARNING:  Sweet Tooths’ Beware! Yes…this article is all about sugarJ)

Getting Started:

If you are preparing to open a bakery, chances are you already have a kitchen with an enormous refrigerator! You might have even invested in a blast chiller to cool your baked goods.  But did you know that if you are preparing to expand your business and open a bakery your production levels will most likely increase…quickly?! You will soon find out that an over-sized refrigerator just won’t do anymore. If you are serious about your baking, at some point you will need to upgrade to a process chiller.

Why a Chiller:

Chillers do much more than just cool your cakes. High performance chillers can provide consistency in temperature, which will ensure that rising dough will never fall.  In a business where you are working with fresh cakes, pies and breads you do not want to over-chill products.  Freezing baked goods to rapidly can hurt the quality and taste of your products.

Smart Chiller:

A bakery chiller also helps make up for the heat produced during the dough mixing process. Even if a product enters the chiller warm, the cooling temperature stays constant. This means that gluten, critical for baked goods, also maintains its integrity within the recipe.

Big Chiller:

We all know that success in business means consistency in quality. To keep up with the demands of high volume, a professional baker needs more than just a bigger kitchen. A chiller will keep your dough rising, prevent gluten failure, and keep every ingredient non-toxic due to being stored at a safe temperature level.

Competitive Chiller:

The bakery business is highly competitive, so it is very important that a bakery takes every opportunity to enhance the quality of its goods.  Going the extra mile will give your bakery a better chance of being successful.  Every little step helps, and protecting your business with a process chiller is NOT a step to overlook.

The Right Chiller:

Starting your own bakery can be quite frightening when you start pricing out the cost of a bakery chiller.  But Legacy has some good news! We offer the best possible price for all of our process chillers, and stand by our 18 month warranty…still the best warranty in the business!!

For more information on process chillers, or to get a free quote, visit our website at

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