Drone on!


Drones seem to be taking over a lot of industries lately, and the HVAC industry is no different!  Latley, we are seeing more and more drones being used in the facility maintenance field.  Managers can use drones to inspect areas that are difficult for humans to get to. Why are these little machines so beneficial, […]

5 Tips for HVAC Chiller Maintenance

HVAC Chiller Maintenance

Chillers are meant to help our businesses grow while cutting costs, but factors such as fouled tubes, leaky refrigerant and other unexpected problems, can quickly increase costs. Operating chillers at their peak performance may be time consuming, but will cut costs in the end. Chiller maintenance has advanced significantly over the years.  The industry has […]

American Pride

martin king

Last week we learned that all of Legacy Chiller Systems parts and components are manufactured right here is the United States.  This week, we sat down and chatted with Legacy’s CEO, Martin King to find out why being a ‘Made in America’ company is so important to him. Legacy Chiller Systems’ manufacturing plant is located […]