Industrial Chillers Take the Advantage

What is an industrial chiller?

An industrial chiller is a cooling system that removes heat from a process load and uses vapor-compression or absorption, to transfer the heat. The function of an industrial process chiller is to transfer heat from the operations area to another location.

Who uses industrial chillers?

Many industries use industrial chillers to cool down machines and achieve more efficient production. Some common uses of an industrial chiller are:


Anodizing is a process that creates a lot of heat and needs a good cooling process in order to function properly. In anodizing, chillers move heat through water or air cooled chillers.


Many plastic industries use industrial chillers to cool hot plastics during manufacturing. Cooling systems rapidly cool down machinery used to manufacture these plastic products. This cooling process saves on energy, and prolongs the life of your machine.


Industrial chillers are imperative in the printing industry! These machines help remove heat that is generated by friction and plastic rollers during the printing process. Industrial chillers also help to cool down paper after it comes out of the ink drying machine.


The rubber industry has many uses for an industrial chiller. Some of the main functions these machines perform are utilizing water temperatures, and cooling rubber mixtures and rubber mills.

Laser and Cutting

Industrial chillers are used to cool down overheated power supplies in lasers and light, in the projection industry.

Beverage Industry

The beverage making process generates a LOT of heat. The cooking, mixing, and pasteurizing process depends greatly on industrial chillers to ensure the best products produced for their customers.

What are the benefits of industrial chillers?

All chillers are created to lower temperatures of various production processes. Industrial water chiller equipment cools water levels to the required level to ensure that comfort and convenience are always achieved. These chillers are also are used to avoid overheating in data service centers. There’s no doubt about it, when using industrial chillers companies save water and energy costs.  Industrial chillers are the cooling equipment of choice! Using chiller technology to ensure proper cooling in any industry is important to maximizing productivity and saving costs.

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