The Main Role of a Medical Chiller

Certain types of medical products and equipment need cooler temperatures to perform at their full potential, and thanks to the invention of the medical chiller…this job is easy!

Medical equipment is very powerful and generates a lot of heat when running at its full potential. Medical chillers help remove heat from the machines so that they can function properly to give patients the best possible care.

In order for an MRI machine to function, the magnet inside the machine must stay cool. Both air and water-cooled medical chillers both work well for MRI machines, but each one works a little differently by transferring the heat to different areas of the machine. Water-cooled chillers transfer heat to a water source such as a plant chilled water system or cooling tower. Air-cooled chillers transfer heat to the surrounding air, and they work well for facilities that don’t have a water source.

CT scanners use an x-ray tube that heats up rather fast and requires about 10 to 30 minutes of cooling time. Cooling time delays patient care and can increases medical costs. Medical chillers eliminate the cooling time CT scanners require and allows facilities to offer patients faster (and better) care.

PET scanners produce three-dimensional images of body and like MRI machines and CT scanners, they require medical chillers to keep them cool and operate continuously for long periods of time.

Open loop medical chillers control their temperature by continuously circulating liquid through a remote open tank. Open loop chillers often use a water source instead of air for cooling, which allows facilities to choose a smaller size chiller. Open loop chillers also help to reduce energy cost because they do not use fans. These chillers are perfect for cooling MRI machines, CT scans, and pharmaceutical processing applications.

In-line chillers cool fluid with an evaporator that is located inside the chiller. The fluid comes from a remote tank, and is circulated by a pump. In-line chillers are good chillers to use for CT scans and other applications that need a pump.

Closed-Loop chillers circulate coolant from a tank that is located inside of a cooler. The fluid flows through a loop before making its way to the tank. Heat is then evaporated from the coolant before heading back into the tank. Closed-loop chillers are a great option for PET scans, x-ray machines, and linear accelerators.

At Legacy Chiller Systems we offer many types of chillers for all of your needs. Our highly trained engineers are here to help you from the design process all the way through to installation. When you choose a chiller from Legacy, you are sure to get the chiller that is perfect for you.

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