Caring for Your Process Chiller

Process Chiller

Everyone knows the most important piece of equipment for a brewery is its cooling system.  In order for any brewery to run smoothly and keep producing more of the beer we love, the brewery’s chiller must be working to its potential.  Here are a few important tips to remember when servicing your process chiller.

Inhibitors are a must:

Glycol is the most important part of a chilled water system.  Why you ask? Glycol allows fluid to be chilled without freezing.  Inhibitors keep the glycol and chiller running smoothly.

Take daily water samples:

Corrosion can happen anywhere in a chiller system, so it’s very important to test samples of the water from ALL locations of your chiller.

Don’t forget the pH levels:

pH level readings are part of every routine water sampling.  A bad pH level can have a negative impact on a chiller’s performance, and can shorten its lifespan.  Recommended pH levels should be between 8.0-8.5.  If your pH levels are off it could mean you are not using enough glycol.

Flush your chiller after installation:

As soon as a new chiller is installed, the whole system should be flushed immediately to ensure the fluid is completely free from contaminants with no debris or surface contamination present to cause damage to the fluid, the pipework, and the new equipment.

Have a question? Just ask!

If you’re not sure how to maintaint the process chiller at your brewery, or think it might not be running up to its potential contact an expert.  At Legacy Chiller Systems we provide 24/7 assistance for all of your chiller questions.  Visit us at

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