Are Economizers for Process Chillers Getting Missed By the Engineering Community? Just Maybe?

Guilty As Charged Yes, I am obviously an advocate for proper application of economizers for smaller (1-20) ton process chillers. I have a lot of friends within the mechanical engineering community that just about all say, “Wow, that’s a great idea!” (as in, you go Martin!)… Yet, when it comes to specifying an economizer for […]

Is Scheduled PM’s (The Holy Grail of an HVACR Business) a Thing of the Past?

Why Do HVACR Contractors Sell PM’s? Ask any HVACR contractor, who is forward thinking enough to build value in their business, they will tell you that selling preventive maintenance agreements (PM’s) ads the most value to their business over time. Many will even hire dedicated sales people focusing much or all of their efforts on […]

3 Things the Market Will Demand From the Next Generation of Process Chillers

As I travel the country conversing with end users, contractors and consulting engineers about process chiller applications, I would like to share the top three things I am hearing about most commonly. 1. Energy efficient:  Many states are making significant efforts to improve energy efficiency using a variety of carrot and stick approaches. For the latest […]