City Water Bypass – The Cost Effective Backup System for Process Chillers

City Water Bypass

The city water bypass option is available for all Legacy Chiller models, but it is often not included because buyers are unaware of its benefits. Although we do everything in our power to prevent chiller downtime, which often results in downtime of the process, there is always room for the unexpected. Power failure is a common reason that a city water bypass becomes necessary, and can be utilized in order to preserve the critical process.

We recommend that every process chiller be bought with the city water bypass option because it provides a cost effective backup system for the chiller. If the chiller goes down for any reason, the PLC recognizes that there is a problem. The city water panel will isolate the fluid from the chiller, and start flowing city water through the process, and then to a drain. In this way, the process can seamlessly continue to function properly while the chiller problems are diagnosed.

Every unique process has its own set of negative implications, including downtime and cost, when the critical process is halted. In the case of an MRI machine, if the chiller goes offline leaving the MRI without coolant, a process called “quinching” begins. After about an hour of the chiller being down, the liquid helium that is used for refrigerant will start to boil off at a rate of up to $1000 an hour. In cases like this, having a city water bypass preserves the function of the MRI, while saving money and preventing downtime.

For more information on how the city water bypass option can save money and prevent downtime, request a copy of the Process Chiller Buyer’s Guide on the homepage.

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