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AuraCool Retrofit Economizer System

AuraCool Economizer by Legacy Chiller SystemsWhat is AuraCool? - AuraCool is a patented retrofit economizer system that can be retrofit onto any brand process chiller. Normally installed on the chiller return header, were the process fluid is the warmest, AuraCool can reduce energy consumption up to 50% depending on operating conditions. 

Smart Fluid_Cooler_Typical_Internal_Plumbing_DiagramHow AuraCool works - If the outdoor temperature is approximately 5-8F colder than the process fluid, AuraCool automatically diverts fluid into an integrated fan powered heat exchanger. This process rejects heat energy from the process load to the outside air.  In rejecting heat direct to the outdoor air, without the need for mechanical refrigeration, chiller run times are reduced using less energy. 

Retrofitting AuraCool to existing chillers: AuraCool can be retrofit to ANY brand and just about any size process chiller system. Depending on the climate and operating conditions, AuraCool can act as supplemental cooling to an undersized chiller application or offer full cooling redundancy while saving significant amounts of energy. Since AuraCool is not a mechanical refrigeration based system, users avoid the typical low ambient problems associated with setting up process chillers up to run correctly in ambient temperatures are lower than 40F.

Using AuraCool as a precooler: AuraCool can also be used as primary cooling for a variety of fluid mediums even when temperatures may be too warm for a refrigeration based chillers. Unlike a process chillers, that can tend to fail when presented with return fluid temperatures warmer than 90F, AuraCool precool fluid temps as high as 180F.

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