Commercial, Industrial Process Chillers

Legacy Chiller Systems, Inc., manufactures process chillers for all industrial and commercial fluid cooling applications. Our chillers are specially engineered with components designed for mission critical cooling applications and 24/7/365 service duty.

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Air-cooled Process Chillers

PZAT Package Air-cooled Chiller with Integrated TankAir-cooled chillers are the most common for process duty applications. Air-cooled process chillers tend to be less expensive to service, cost less than water-cooled process chillers and offer a wide variety of options providing excellent design flexibility.  In 2016, Legacy introduced its Nexus Technology Air-Cooled line build on our Patentend Economizer (Free Cooling) Technology. Nexus Technology can reduce energy usage on Mission Critical Applications up to 60%. 

Air-cooled chillers can also be configured in several ways making it possible to meet the dynamic requirements of the modern fluid cooling process.

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Water-cooled Process Chillers

PZWT Package Water-cooled Chiller with Integrated TankAlthough not as common as its Air-cooled chiller counterpart, for many larger industrial process applications, that have an on-site cooling tower system, water-cooled process chillers can be a great fit.

Water-cooled chillers are generally available in a package (unitary) configuration and tend to be very efficient on space. Legacy Chiller Systems manufactures three product lines of water-cooled process chillers designed to meet any fluid cooling operating environment from 1-100 tons of cooling.

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Get a Price Quote / Get Engineering Help

Getting Air Cooled Chiller cost information can be a daunting process if you are not used to working with chillers on a regular basis. Legacy has streamlined the process of getting pricing and the engineering support you need quickly and efficiently.

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Process Chiller Buyer's Guide

Learn more about our Process Chiller Buyer's GuideWe have recently compiled an in-depth market study comparing Legacy's products to other industry chiller manufacturers. It's written in an easy to understand format to help both new and experienced buyers of chiller equipment to make better informed decisions.

Learn more about our Process Chiller Buyer's Guide