Medical and MRI Chillers

Process Chillers for Medical - MRI, CT, PET, LINAC

For over TWO DECADES, Legacy Chillers has set the Process Chiller standards for Mission Critical MRI, CT, PET and LINAC cooling. Through long term partnerships with key vendors, along with customer focused feedback, our products have stood the test of time for efficiency and reliability. Legacy manufactures OEM replacements process chillers for all major medical brands including GE, Siemens, Philips, Hitachi and Toshiba to name a few.

To make your selection of the correct medical process chiller easier, Legacy has developed OEM designs for many of the most popular medical system that require process fluid cooling. If you don’t see a process chiller for your specific requirement, not to worry, we have dedicated process chiller application engineers available to assist you. Just give us a call at 877-988-5464.

Why Choose a Legacy Chiller for your MRI/CT/Linac Cooling

MRI, CT, PET and Linac Process Chiller Statement of Value: Each of our fluid cooling systems are specifically designed to meet the 24/7/365 demands for medical process cooling. During production each built to order chiller undergoes rigorous quality control with extensive QC during and after final load testing.

MRI Machine

Standard Features

Partial List for Medical Application

-> ETL listed US/C

-> Industrial trade PLC with high resolution touch screen.

->  Closed (SS) storage tank on with separate dedicated recirc pump.

-> Fused, STAINLESS STEEL Process pump w/ discharge ball valve.

-> STAINLESS STEEL, brazed plate evaporator.

-> Hot Gas Bypass Capacity Control.

->  Painted (Powder Coated), galvanized sheet metal cabinet.

->  Low ambient package rated down to 38F.

->  Dedicated recirculation pump proving temp stability to process.

-> QUICK SHIP program available.

-> Built in Web Server with data logging and email alerts.

->  Post metal production powder coat paint.

-> monitor/control from any web enabled device using any web browser.

->  Factory QC under lead prior to ship.

->  Machine bent tubing, 80% less brazed fittings.



Available Factory Options

Partial List for Medical Application

->  E-Coat coastal protection.

->  Low ambient control options down to -20F ambient.

->  Patented Economizer System that can reduce energy usage as much as 60%.

->  BacNet data communications TCP/IP or Serial.

->  Remote wall mounted touch screen.

->  Voltage and Phase monitoring and protection.

->  VFD lead compressor / PLC controlled.

-> VFD System pump / PLC Controlled.

-> VFD head pressure control (Air-Cooled Models).

->  Dual pump with auto changeover / auto lag lead.

->  Many system pump configurations to choose from.

->  Open vented storage tank as alternate to closed SS.

Comment about tables below: Process chiller assignments nested into the tables below are based on available information at the time we generated them. As with many industries, technical characteristics are very dynamic, tending to change often. As such ALWAYS check with your Legacy Process Engineer prior to specifying or purchasing your process chiller. The operating conditions used to assign process chillers in the tables below are 95F ambient (Air-Cooled) and 105F condensing (or 75F entering water temp for Water-Cooled) and 50F leaving WATER ONLY temp going to the process. If your conditions vary from these industry standards, please contact Legacy Chillers (877-988-5464) for an updated selection.

ManufacturerModelBTUHAir-cooled ModelsWater-cooled Models
ElscintGytex V MRI36,000PZAT3SPZWT3S
GEDiscovery MR450238,000PZAT18DPZWT18D
GEDiscovery MR750238,840PZAT18DPZWT18D
GEDiscovery MR750W238,840PZAT18DPZWT18D
GEOptima MR450W167,188PZAT11SPZWT11S
GEReddy Labs Cyclotron360,000Call FactoryCall Factory
GESigna 1.5T Excite28,320PZAT3SPZWT3S
GESigna 3.0T MR750238,800PZAT18DPZWT18D
PhilipsPolaris (Marconi Medical)68,400PZAT5SPZWT5S
SiemensMagnetom Espree (63Kw)214,964PZAT18DPZWT18D
SiemensMagnetom Harmony / Symphony (CCS Air Version)85,325PZAT7SPZWT7S
SiemensMagnetom Impact27,325PZAT3SPZWT3S
SiemensMagnetom Open75,000PZAT7SPZWT7S
SiemensMagnetom Vision68,305PZAT5SPZWT5S
SiemensOpen Viva85,380PZAT7SPZWT7S
SiemensQuantom 1.5T153,684PZAT11SPZWT11S
ManufacturerModelBTUHAir-cooled ModelsWater-cooled Models
SiemensSensation 64CT51,182PZAT3SPZWT3S
SiemensSomatom Hi Q CT25,600PZAT3SPZWT3S
SiemensSomatom Plus / Plus S25,600PZAT3SPZWT3S
SiemensSomatom Plus 4CT / Plus 4 Power/Expert43,000PZAT3SPZWT3S

In the table provided below you will find our current list of PET process chillers for all major brands of PET medical systems.

ManufacturerModelBTUHAir-cooled ModelsWater-cooled Models
GEDiscovery STE 16MeV Cyclotron238,000PZAT18DPZWT18D
GEMINItrace Cyclotron103,000PZAT9SPZWT9S
GEPETtrace Cyclotron239,000PZAT18DPZWT18D

In the table provided below you will find our current list of LINAC process chillers for all major brands of LINAC medical systems.

ManufacturerModelBTUHAir-cooled ModelsWater-cooled Models
SiemensMevatron M Class20,472PZAT3SPZWT3S
SiemensMevatron R Class92,210PZAT7SPZWT7S
Varian23EX iX Trilogy85,379PZAT7SPZWT7S
VarianClinac 180085,379PZAT7SPZWT7S
VarianClinac 18R85,379PZAT7SPZWT7S
VarianClinac 2100 C/D85,379PZAT7SPZWT7S
VarianClinac 2300 C/D85,379PZAT7SPZWT7S
VarianClinac 4/10023,900PZAT3SPZWT3S
VarianClinac 6/10023,900PZAT3SPZWT3S
VarianClinac 600C23,900PZAT3SPZWT3S
VarianNovalis Tx85,379PZAT7SPZWT7S

In the table provided below you will find our current list of general medical process chillers for other medical applications that require a process chiller.

ManufacturerModelBTUHAir-cooled ModelsWater-cooled Models
ElscintCT Twin Scan36,000PZAT3SPZWT3S
PhilipsAchieva 3T Tesla180,000PZAT11SPZWT11S
PhilipsApollo (Marconi Medical)75,000PZAT7SPZWT7S
PhilipsEclipse (Marconi Medical)75,000PZAT7SPZWT7S
PhilipsEclipse 1.5T25,000PZAT3SPZWT3S
PhilipsEclipse 1.5T (Picker)90,000PZAT7SPZWT7S
PhilipsInfinion 1.5T (Marconi Medical)88,000PZAT7SPZWT7S
Philipsmodels with Riedel exchanger cabinet140,000PZAT11SPZWT11S
PhilipsMX8000 (Marconi Medical)32,400PZAT3SPZWT3S
PhilipsPD100/150 (Marconi Medical)75,000PZAT7SPZWT7S
PhilipsPD200 (Marconi Medical)75,000PZAT7SPZWT7S
PhilipsPD3000 (Marconi Medical)90,000PZAT7SPZWT7S
SiemensCyclotron - CTI PETNet60,000PZAT4SPZWT4S
SiemensCyclotron RDS11175,000PZAT7SPZWT7S
SiemensEvolution CT37,500PZAT3SPZWT3S
SiemensMevatron Primus102,400PZAT9SPZWT9S
SiemensPlus 4 CT32,414PZAT3SPZWT3S
SiemensSensation 1637,533PZAT3SPZWT3S

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