Solenoid Valves

Legacy Chiller Economizer Technology can now be retrofit to existing chiller systems. Depending on your climate and chiller system usage, operating efficiency can be increased by as much as 60% using our Patented Economizer control system. Our engineers have carefully selected and matched OEM Fluid Control Valves for our chiller Economizer Technology. If you need assistance with component selections for your retrofit chiller economizer system, contact our engineering department at 877-988-5464.

.75 inch NPT Automatic Solenoid Valve 24v coil (Normally Closed)

Part#: S201GF01V5EG5
Price: $259.79
2 year warranty, millions of life cycles, UL bubble tight, Long Life Cycle Construction, stainless steel internals, 100% continues duty coil, 2 way normally closed, NEMA 4/4x encapsulated coil w/24 lead wires, F class coil, 24v AC, Viton elastomers, brass body, 3/4-npt, 3/4-orifice, Cv rating 5.5, psi rating 0 to 140.
Documentation: 3/4-NPT Automatic Solenoid Valve 24v coil (Normally Closed)


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