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If you’re in an industry that requires cooling as one its main components, chances are you are familiar with process chillers! Whether you’re a dairy farmer or HVAC technician…a medical imaging assistant or spend your days creating the coldest beer in town~chances are you’re familiar with process chillers!

What is a process chiller?

A process chiller is a cooling system that uses refrigerants that provide cooling for a process, or industrial application. Process chillers remove heat from a process load and provide consistent cooler temperatures to the application. Process chillers run 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It’s important to have a high quality chiller. Chillers work hard and must be able to run non-stop. Even the best process chiller in the industry will at some point need to be replaced. Whether you’re just starting out, or have outgrown the capacity of your existing chiller, shopping for a new chiller system can be challenging. There are a lot of chiller manufacturers to choose from, but just like any piece of equipment, not every chiller is right for every application.

Choosing the process chiller that is right for you

The most important choice to make when purchasing a new process chiller is to make sure the system you’re considering is built for your application. Many chiller systems are manufactured for high temperature applications such as air conditioning and machine cooling. This is great if you are in the HVAC or medical imaging industry, but breweries, distilleries, and dairies require slightly lower temperatures to produce their products. Many standard chiller components, such as the compressor, are not designed to operate at these lower temperatures and pressures. Choosing the wrong type of process chiller for your business can lead to major (and expensive) failures. If you are unsure of what type of chiller is right for you, visit our website www.legacychillers.com for 24/7 online assistance.

What type of system do I need?

Process chillers can come as a packaged system or a system made up of many different components. Packaged chiller systems usually contain all of the standard parts and components required for your operations. Some of the standard components you will receive with a packaged chiller system are a condensing unit, pumps, tanks, and a control panel. The control panel of a process chiller is the most important component as it ties all of the components together.

Should I purchase a used system?

Some companies might opt to purchase a used chiller. If you decide to purchase a used chiller, make sure you know just how old the system is. A new chiller (if well maintained) should give you about 10-15 years of reliable service. Purchasing a 10 year old system (even from a reliable company) may not be the best idea, as the chiller will most likely require some type of extra maintenance, and unexpected costs in the future.

How can Legacy Chillers help?

Legacy Chiller Systems, Inc. is one of the top rated manufacturers of process chillers in the world. We offer chillers for every industry, big or small, from right here in Portland, OR to overseas. No matter which industry you are in, we have a chiller that is right for you. Visit us online at www.legacychillers.com anytime for online assistance via chat, or to get a FREE quote.

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