The Manufacturing Comeback in America

manufacturing in america

It seems like almost every day there is news predicting the downfall of America’s economy.

But most of us don’t realize the ways which America is gaining rather than losing global influence. There are many great things happening in America and with our economy. The biggest growth can be found in the manufacturing industry.

Many things have contributed to the recent rise in the American economy.  Lower energy prices, innovative information technologies, and advances in robotics all have influenced growth. The growth of material science is impacting the manufacturing revolution, and are predicted to make America’s industrial sectors the most competitive in the world.

The Change:

One of the biggest changes we’ve seen is in the energy sector. The United States already has the second-largest shale gas reserves

in the world. Recent developments of new technologies are predicted to grow the sector even more. Fracking, in which gas and oil is
extracted from shale rocks by fracturing them, is driving an energy boom in the U.S. that will soon lower natural gas prices and give American manufacturers a unique competitive advantage.


The use of robotics in manufacturing plants is also predicted to increase efficiency and precision in the manufacturing industry.

As robotics continue to expand and grow in America, the cost to produce them is shrinking.
As the use of robotics grows, a decline in job creation will naturally follow. Machines are likely to replace many workers, but America’s dominance in computing and electronics
will create an edge in the automation of manufacturing processes.

New Materials:

The emergence of new materials that use nanotechnology and biotechnology will offer products and production unique to America.

Applying the technology to carbon nanotubes and grapheme has allowed the growth of high-performance transistors and light composite materials, which
can speed up the diagnosis of illnesses, detect contaminants, and provide accurate glucose monitoring.

Many large companies such as General Electric are already relocating operations from Asia to Silicon Valley to take advantage of America’s information technology. 
Moving production back home will create savings in transport costs, and benefit from the lower energy costs at home.

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