Pump It Up: Why Legacy Chillers Uses Gould’s Pumps Exclusively

Goulds Pumps

Process chillers have a pretty simple job: To remove heat from places and processes that produce too much of it. They move the heat (BTUs) from one place to another. While the goal might be straightforward, the process that chiller systems go through to get the job done is comprised of many aspects. It really is a team of equipment that all works together to successfully keep the main process cool.

Legacy Chiller Systems ensures that every piece of equipment that goes inside our process chillers is able to withstand the hard environments and heavy loads that are commonplace. Whether it’s sitting on a hot roof or getting covered with snow in a storm, chillers are placed into some harsh environments.

In this video, Martin King explains why we have chosen Gould’s Pumps as a standard for Legacy products, providing insight into what features they offer that cater specifically to the needs of our process chillers. Click on the photo to view this helpful video!

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