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Legacy Chillers was able to design manufacture deliver and install a highly reliable, energy efficient chiller package to a remote Hawaiian Island. The three units have been in operation for nearly 8 years in a very corrosive environment and are still running strong. Legacy Chiller is an honest, highly technically competent refrigeration design and manufacturing company who sells solutions to refrigeration challenges from simple to complex. Whether it is one off or high volume, they deliver as promised.

Richard Hill
Richard Hill
Chairmen at Marvell Semiconductor.
Package Air-Cooled Process Chiller with Stainless Tank

Package Air-Cooled Process Chiller – With Integrated Tank

Legacy’s model PZAT air-cooled chiller system (with internal tank) is the work horse of Legacy’s lineup for the precision cooling market ideal for industrial process chiller applications that require VERY stable temperatures. Available in 1.0 to 20.0 ton capacities. All PZAT (Package) systems are also available in split condenser configurations.

Ask about Legacy’s Patented Economizer Technology when considering PZAT systems. Economizer Technology can reduce energy usage as much as 50%.

Package Air-Cooled Process Chiller with Stainless Tank

The Legacy Chiller Systems PZAT process chiller line is ideal for the following applications:

– Brewery
– Winery
– Distillery
– MRI – Medical Imaging
– CT – Medical Imaging
– PET – Medical Imaging
– Linac – Cancer treatment
– Surgical Center climate control
– Lab applications
– Semiconductor testing
– Induced hypothermia systems
– Lasers – military sector
– Laser – private sector
– Custom batch cooling
– Welding machines
– Lasers – military sector
– Laser – private sector

Standard Features

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• ETL listed to UL1995 & CAN/CSA C22.2 No. 236-11, 4th edition, 10/14/2011
• Single point power connection
• Pentra Microsmart, Programmable Logic Controller
(PLC) with easy to use HMI touch screen display
• Fused, STAINLESS STEEL recirculation pump for tank
• STAINLESS STEEL, brazed plate evaporator
• Scroll compressor with crankcase heater
• Suction accumulator
• Water flow switch
• Hot gas by-pass capacity control
• 24V control transformer
• Direct drive condenser fan motor
• Rust resistant, high CFM, aluminum
condenser fan blade
• Condenser(s): copper tube/aluminum fin
• Compressor motor contactor
• Condenser motor and control circuit fusing
• Painted (Powder Coated), galvanized
sheet metal cabinet
• 1/2” insulation on all water and
Low pressure refrigerant lines
• Liquid line drier, sight glass, solenoid,TXV
• Complete refrigerant charge from factory
• Factory Performance Test prior to shipment

Available Options

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• Copeland Digital Scroll Compressor
• Remote Idec touchscreen control panel
• Industrial VPN Router
• 5 Port Ethernet Switch
• BacNet Gateway
• Process Pump VFD Controller
• VFD Compressor Control
• 4 year extended compressor warranty
• Casters (factory mounted)
• 115 volt (rain tight) service outlet
• Non Fused Disconnect
• Phase Monitor, line voltage monitor offering
protection against phase loss/reversal, unbalance
and High/Low voltage
• Compressor fusing
• Compressor Sound Cover
• Flooded cond. w/receiver/head pressure control (0°F)
• Heated, flooded cond. w/receiver/head pressure
Water flow meter control (-20°F)
• Dual process pump with auto changeover
• Pump suction isolation valve
• Water pressure gauge set
• Copper finned condenser coil (coastal protection)
• Coastal powder coat paint protection
• E-Coat Condenser Coil (coastal protection)
• Water Flow Meter
• Auto city water make up solenoid & auto level switch
• Auto city water changeover panel with filter
• Stainless steel, SCH80 PVC or Polypropylene piping
for deionize and reverse osmosis water systems
• Storage tank sight glass
• Door Mounted HMI with weather proof cover

Model No.Data Sheet DownloadCooling CapacityLength InchesWidth InchesHeight InchesWeight LBS
PZAT1SPZAT1S14,000 BTUH36.034.068.0550.0
PZAT1.5SPZAT1.5S18,000 BTUH36.034.068.0600.0
PZAT2SPZAT2S22,000 BTUH36.034.068.0650.0
PZAT2.5SPZAT2.5S28,800 BTUH36.034.068.0700.0
PZAT3SPZAT3S36,000 BTUH46.034.072.0800.0
PZAT4SPZAT4S49,200 BTUH46.034.072.0850.0
PZAT4.5SPZAT4.5S51,600 BTUH46.034.072.0875.0
PZAT5SPZAT5S55,200 BTUH46.034.072.0900.0
PZAT7SPZAT7S75,600 BTUH75.034.072.01100.0
PZAT8SPZAT8S84,000 BTUH75.034.072.01150.0
PZAT9SPZAT9S98,400 BTUH75.034.072.01250.0
PZAT11SPZAT11S112,400 BTUH75.034.072.01300.0

Air-cooled process chiller capacities based on ARI standard 45 °F LWT and 95 °F AMB.

Model No.Data Sheet DownloadCooling CapacityLength InchesWidth InchesHeight InchesWeight LBS
PZAT7DPZAT7D73,200 BTUH75.034.077.01100.0
PZAT9DPZAT9D96,000 BTUH75.034.077.01200.0
PZAT9.5DPZAT9.5D102,000 BTUH75.034.077.01250.0
PZAT10DPZAT10D108,000 BTUH75.034.077.01250.0
PZAT13DPZAT13D147,000 BTUH85.040.077.01300.0
PZAT15DPZAT15D167,000 BTUH85.040.077.01400.0
PZAT18DPZAT18D190,800 BTUH85.040.077.01450.0
PZAT22DPZAT22D264,000 BTUH75.065.077.01450.0
PZA22DPZA22D264,200 BTUH66.075.051.01150.0
PZA26DPZA26D302,000 BTUH180.046.054.02600.0
PZA35DPZA35D406,000 BTUH180.088.054.02900.0
PZA43DPZA43D500,000 BTUH180.088.054.03200.0

Air-cooled process chiller capacities based on ARI standard 45 °F LWT and 95 °F AMB.

Model No.Data Sheet DownloadCooling CapacityLength InchesWidth InchesHeight InchesWeight LBS
IEZAT1SIEZAT1S14,000 BTUH36.034.065.0550.0
IEZAT1.5SIEZAT1.5S18,000 BTUH36.034.065.0600.0
IEZAT2SIEZAT2S22,000 BTUH36.034.065.0650.0
IEZAT2.5SIEZAT2.5S28,800 BTUH36.034.065.0700.0
IEZAT3SIEZAT3S36,000 BTUH36.034.065.0800.0
IEZAT4SIEZAT4S49,200 BTUH46.034.068.5850.0
IEZAT4.5SIEZAT4.5S51,600 BTUH46.034.068.5875.0
IEZAT5SIEZAT5S55,200 BTUH46.034.068.5900.0
IEZAT7SIEZAT7S75,600 BTUH75.034.068.51100.0
IEZAT8SIEZAT8S84,000 BTUH75.034.070.01150.0
IEZAT9SIEZAT9S98,400 BTUH75.034.070.01250.0
IEZAT11SIEZAT11S122,400 BTUH75.034.070.01300.0

Air-cooled process chiller capacities based on ARI standard 45 °F LWT and 95 °F AMB.

Model No.Data Sheet DownloadCooling CapacityLength InchesWidth InchesHeight InchesWeight LBS
IEZAT7DIEZAT7D73,200 BTUH75.034.070.01350.0
IEZAT9DIEZAT9D96,000 BTUH75.034.070.01400.0
IEZAT9.5DIEZAT9.5D102,000 BTUH75.034.070.01450.0
IEZAT10DIEZAT10D108,000 BTUH75.034.070.01500.0
IEZAT13DIEZAT13D147,000 BTUH75.034.070.01700.0
IEZAT15DIEZAT15D167,000 BTUH75.034.070.01800.0
IEZAT18DIEZAT18D190,800 BTUH85.034.070.01900.0
IEZAT22DIEZAT22D238,800 BTUH85.034.070.02100.0
IEZA26DIEZA26D302,000 BTUH85.034.042.01500.0
IEZA35DIEZA35D406,000 BTUH85.034.042.01600.0
IEZA43DIEZA43D500,000 BTUH85.034.042.01700.0

Air-cooled process chiller capacities based on ARI standard 45 °F LWT and 95 °F AMB.