Process Chiller Systems NEWSLETTER – January 2020


Process Chiller Systems
– January 2020-

Happy New Year!

Sorting through my work emails that came in over the holidays, a customer suggested that we consider a “VLOG” covering common chiller questions. After doing some research on the what the heck a vlog is (YEP I’M OLD :-)), I learned that a Video Blog (VLOG) could be a great way to provide usable content for our clients, affiliates and partners. Below, I have outlined our VLOG plan. We do NEED YOUR HELP to generate some relevant content for 2020.

Martin P. King
President – Legacy Chiller Systems, Inc

What’s in the January 2020
Process Chiller Systems Newsletter?

> Ready set VLOG?:   Soon, we will launch our new PROCESS CHILLER VLOG. For starters, WE NEED YOUR HELP collecting video questions to be used in our VLOG productions.

Below, you will find out how to submit your questions using any web enabled device with a camera and microphone such as a smart phone, tablet or computer.

If your question is used as part a VLOG production, we will email you a $25.00 AMAZON E-GIFT CARD while supply lasts.

Lets see, $25.00 for about 7 mins (or less) of your time while contributing to the industry sounds like a WIN/WIN? If that’s not enough, you can use our VLOG to get some FREE marketing for your business. JUST SCROLL DOWN TO GET MORE DETAILS.

– SMART DROP LEARNING SERIES IS BACK:  This month, we are covering SECTION 179 TAX LAW and how you can use this new tax code to potentially save thousands in USA federal taxes when buying assets (chillers and other equipment) for your business.  If you are a Legacy Chiller Systems reseller, Section 179 can really help your customers who are on the fence about replacing old equipment.

– Download Legacy’s FREE Engineering Tool that can save YOU HOURS of work! Legacy Chiller Systems recently updated its SYSTEMSIZER design tool. If you work on chiller system’s design, you NEED THIS FREE TOOL.

Participate, Share and Learn
– Chance to Win an AMAZON E-GIFT Card-


What you need to do: Click the SUBMIT YOUR VIDEO NOW link below and record your video chiller question(s) using your web enabled smartphone, tablet or computer. Standard data rates apply if you are not connected to wifi.

: When recording your video, try and be in a quiet place with good lighting. If you make a mistake on your first recording, you can re-record as many times as you like. YOU CAN  SUBMIT AS MANY QUESTIONS AS YOU LIKE. JUST KEEP CLICKING THE LINK BELOW.

Get some FREE marketing for your business: Try and film in your place of business with company related content in the background. This can include your company logo clearly visible on your shirt or hat, etc. Make sure to clearly say your name, your company name and the city/state that your business is located. Legacy VLOG productions will be accessible to thousands of companyies within our extensive database of customers, partners and affiliates Worldwide. VLOG contact will also be posted on LinkedIn as well as Legacy’s YouTube Channel.

What to talk about in your Video?:  Your video question should be chiller related of course. This can include questions (or challenges you have had) on chiller system design, installation, service or maintenance. You will have 50 seconds to submit your question(s). If that’s not enough time, you can break your submission up into multiple video’s. Just simply refresh the page as many times as you need.

Then what happens?: Legacy’s VLOG production team will review all submissions and select videos that have the best overall quality and widest audience appeal.  If your video is used, we will email you a confirmation and let you know what episode, date and time your video will appear. DON’T TAKE TOO MUCH TIME TO MAKE YOUR SUBMISSION AS WE HAVE A LIMITED NUMBER OF VLOG PRODUCTION SPOTS AVAILABLE.

How will my time investment be a WIN/WIN?: Great question. In addition to helping Legacy Chillers generate relevant content that will benefit others, you will get some free marketing through Legacy’s THOUSANDS of customers, partners and affiliates Worldwide. 


But Wait, There’s More! – If we use your video question(s) in a VLOG production, we will send you a $25.00 AMAZON E- Gift card via email, while supply lasts. Lets see, $25.00 for seven minutes of your time is over $200.00 /hr. Not bad 🙂

Submit your VIDEO NOW »

SmartDrop Process Chiller Training Series

In this month, we cover
Section 179 – Using new tax laws to

Just CLICK HERE or the video image below to watch the
video on our YouTube channel.

CLICK to play video »


Download the SystemSyzer tool

Download our FREE XL based process chiller system design tool. INSTRUCTIONS: After clicking the image to the left, OR the link below, scroll down on the landing page to the  “RELATED DOCUMENTS” area. There, you can download the software in XL or (if you have firewall issues) in WINZIP.

CLICK to access SystemSyzer Download»

Watch SystemSyzer
Training Video

After DOWNLOADING SYSTEMSYZER using access link above, click below to watch a short training video on how to use the software. DESIGN YOUR NEXT CHILLER SYSTEM IN MINUTES.

CLICK to access the SystemSyzer Training Video »

CLICK here or logo above at access resellers website »

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