Goulds Pump Curves And Other Information

SUMMARY This article provides Legacy stock and non-stock pump curves that can be used to determine the correct pump for your chiller sytem and other general system design information. RESOLUTION The downloadable PDF files below provides useful Pump Curve information that can be used to properly select the correct pump for your chiller system. RELATED […]

Closed Loop Chiller System – Automatic Air Vents

SUMMARY This article describes the necessity of automatic air vents in a closed loop chiller system. Without automatic air vents, you run the risk of pump damage, bio growth, and water hammer damage. SYMPTOMS A closed loop chiller system has many operational advantages over an open loop (open vented) system. Engineers and installers must consider […]

Chiller loop piping system design

SUMMARY Chiller loops piping systems offered by Legacy Chiller Systems SYMPTOMS Many operational problems can be avoided through proper piping design. CAUSE Improper chiller loop piping design can result in substantial pressure and flow issues that can be costly to correct once the system is installed. RESOLUTION The attached York piping booklet is the best […]