Cold Brew Is Key

Cold Brew

Brewing is a process that dates back thousands of years. In the past, brewing was considered an art, but nowadays technological advancements have turned the art of brewing into a science. Modern brewing has changed vastly due to the popularity and demand for beer. Microbreweries and home breweries have increased by more than 40% over the last few years, resulting in 1% of US consumption made by home brew. Industrial breweries have also increased greatly, especially in the Northwest, where beer and wine play such a big role in our culture.

Fermentation Temperature Control

Regardless if the beer is made in a home brewery or a commercial brewery, one thing is for sure — fermentation is key. Fermentation the process where yeast turns glucose in wort to ethyl alcohol and carbon dioxide gas. This process is what gives beer its alcohol content and carbonation. The process of fermentation can vary depending on the temperature, type of yeast used, and if you are producing a lager or beer. When dry yeast is used, beer takes about 1-3 days to ferment, and approximately 8-14 days to ferment when liquid yeast is used. Lagers take a bit longer to ferment because they require a cooler temperature. For lagers, the fermentation process can take 2 weeks or more. Temperature is hands down the most important factor in the brewing process. Beer fermentation temperature should be between 68 and 72 degrees. Lagers require lower temperatures, between 45 and 55 degrees. If the temperature is not correct during the fermentation process, you can end up with a fruity-flavored beer and strong alcoholic taste. Fermentation can completely stop if the temperature gets too high. Keeping your beer or lager within the ideal temperature can be difficult, but this is where a process chiller comes into play. Having a good process chiller (like one from Legacy) is key to keeping your brew the right temperature and producing a good quality, tasty beer.

Legacy Chillers

If you’re looking to produce a high-quality beer for your brewery, it’s important to choose a temperature control method that is simple and reliable. If you’re serious about quality brewing, visit us at, to see how we can help create the best fermentation process for your company.


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