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AuraCool Economizer by Legacy Chiller Systems

Executive Summary -  Legacy Chiller Systems launches a ground breaking field case study program designed to simulate investment by U.S. and Canadian businesses in Chiller Economizer retrofits.   Legacy's mandate is to document market application of its Patentend Chiller Economizer Technology designed to reduce process chiller KWH as much as 50%.

AuraCool1What is AuraCool? - AuraCool is a patented retrofit Economizer system designed to work with any brand process chiller. Normally installed on the chiller return header, where process fluid is the warmest, AuraCool can reduce energy consumption by rejecting heat to the outdoor air rather than running the chillers mechanical refrigeration system. 

Program Goals - Create the opportunity for up to twentyfive U.S or Canadian businesses to reduce energy consumption (KWH) by up to 50%. Each site will be carefully tracked in real-time to document and provided verification of savings. 

Program Requirements -  Businesses interested in participation should meet the following requirements:

1. Case study site is located in an area of the USA or Canada with ambient temperatures at least 10F lower than chiller return fluid temps FOUR MONTHS out of the year.

2. Case study site has access to high speed Internet service with qualified network personnel who can connect AuraCool equipment to Legacy's monitoring servers via the Internet.

3. Business has completed a Case Study Application form.

End Users - How to participate: Businesses interested in participating in the AuraCool Economizer case study, that meet the minimum program requirements (above), should apply as soon as possible. Legacy Chiller Systems is currently offering a maximum of twenty five sites into the case study program. The AuraCool system must be installed by a Legacy Chiller Systems authorized dealer. If the end user has a preferred mechanical installer, the installer can apply as a dealer provided the installed site is not currently being represented by a dealer. 

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