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Chiller Controller - Chiller controller main board

Part#: D80-344
For pricing, call 877-988-5464 x100

D80-344 - Dual or single stage chiller microprocessor control. Shipped on all ALL MODELS after 8/1/2003.

Effective 1-5-15, Legacy Chiller systems no longer supports the PSG chiller control system as PSG is no longer in business.

Options if you have a PSG chiller control system:

1. Effective 4-1-14, Legacy Chiller Systems now offers a retrofit chiller control system upgrade for all chillers shipped with the PSG control. For more information, please contact 877-988-5464 x 123.

2. Customers with Legacy or Drake branded process chillers equipped with PSG controls, may qualify for a special Legacy Factory chiller replacement program. For more information, contact 877-988-5464 x 101.

For any questions or concerns, please contact Legacy Chillers Technical Support Services at 877-988-5464. IMPORTANT NOTE:

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