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Welcome to the On-line Store! Legacy Chiller Systems is dedicated to providing support before, during and after the initial equipment sale. As with any mechanical equipment, parts wear out and it's always a good idea to strongly consider factory replacement parts and supplies. We have designed our store to get you the items you will need at fast and competitive prices.

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Optical Refractometer
Part#: L02-100
Price: $259.94

Factory approved optical refractometers - Dual Scale freeze point tester. This is a must have item for the service professional.

Outside Air Sensor with weatherproof enclosure
Part#: 40020
Price: $44.43

For use with Legacy Universal Economizer Controller.

NOTE: For one Economizer Controller only ONE Outside Air Sensor with weatherproof enclosure wil...

System Sizing & Troubleshooting Tool
Part#: SS1
Price: $21.55

This handy tool was created specifically for field service technicians and design engineering professionals. As with all Legacy products, this tool is designed for hard work in...

Water pressure differential switch
Part#: D80-210
Price: $373.09

Water pressure differential switch. This device is used to measure pressure differential across the tank re-circulation pump on PACT chiller and external tank packages.

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