Made in America

Made in America

Did you know that all of Legacy Chiller Systems parts and components are made right here in the USA? We are very proud that all of our products are American-made, and manufactured in the city of Telford, Pennsylvania.

With HVAC month coming up in just a few days, there has been lots of recent talk in the news about HVAC companies like Carrier beginning to outsource jobs to Mexico. A outsource like this will end up costing the state of Indiana over $100 million in revenue and 2,700 jobs!

But it is good to know that there are still HVAC companies keeping jobs here in the states and making a difference in the domestic economy. At Legacy Chillers we see ‘Made in America’ as an opportunity, to not only keep jobs here, but to also propel the nation’s efforts to keep our country healthy and a great place to live for its citizens. In our business, we know that reducing energy costs is a priority for healthcare organizations, who spend a lot of money using important life-saving medical equipment such as MRIs. It

Legacy Chillers does business nationally and in Canada.  Right now we are still seeing a hangover from the 2009 recession and the actions taken by the fed to make repairs. The combination of a strong dollar has slowed our exports, and many businesses are still opting to repair old equipment rather than making capital investments. Since Legacy makes high efficiency equipment, it’s also not helping that energy costs are being held so low for an extended period of time.
The HVAC industry is an old industry, compared to companies in the tech and online space, and is stuck in the old-school ways. However, while many see the HVAC industry as still trying to catch up with the rest of the world, some of the sustainable practices in place would actually help push the ‘Made in America’ efforts.
At Legacy System Chillers we will continue to stand by our ‘Made in America’ word, and support our nation’s citizens and economy.  We are proud of our products, and the contribution our company makes in our nation!
Multi-ethnic group of engineers working at a chemical plant. Focus on African American man (50s) in foreground.
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