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Acceptable Equivalent Sound Levels

Acceptable Equivalent Sound Level - Leq - for different location can be taken from the table below:

Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Systems - Hot Gas Bypass

On many air conditioning and refrigeration systems it is desirable to limit the minimum evaporating pres-sure during periods of low load either to prevent coilicing or to avoid...

Alternative Energy - Harvesting Green Power

Business Week - 11-13-2006 –Farmers are sowing the seeds of an alternative energy future. But how much of the country can we fuel on corn? By Adrienne Carter


Centrifugal Pumps - Adapt Pump Capacities to Process Demand

Discharge Regulation of Centrifugal Pumps

Adapting pump capacities to process demand
It is often necessary to adapt the pump capacity to a temporary or permanent change ...

Centrifugal Pumps - design, dimensions, & standards

Centrifugal pumps design and dimensions standards Sponsored Links Standards of design and dimensional specifications are necessary to bring unity to centrifugal pumps. Standards...

Centrifugal Pumps - Volute Pump

A centrifugal pump converts the input power to kinetic energy in the liquid by accelerating the liquid by a revolving device - an impeller. The most common type is the volute...

Centrifugal Pumps & Positive Displacement Pumps

Pumps are in general classified as Centrifugal Pumps (or Roto-dynamic pumps) and Positive Displacement Pumps.

Chiller Systems - Flooded Condenser Valves

The attached articles provided detailed information on flooded condenser valves used in Legacy sytems designed for low ambient conditions. These articles provide information on...

Chiller Systems - Head Pressure Control Information

Attached article summary:

Condenser capacities are based, in part, on TD (temper-ature difference) between the ambient and the refriger-ant condensing temperature. As...

Chillers and Data Centers - Greening the Data Center offered by Legacy Chiller Systems

What is a green data center? Data center industry stakeholders are discussing definitions in various consortiums and forums, but a obtainable document is not currently available

Chillers and Data Centers - Increasing Efficiency offered by Legacy Chiller Systems

IT (information technology industry, and data centers operator discussions. The focus has been driven by: Rising data center energy costs, the climate change debate and overall...

Chillers and Data Centers - Increasing Efficiency Plus Reliability offered by Legacy Chiller Systems

Enterprise data centers support the majority of financial and corporate institutions. Normally data centers are required to operate 24/7. These centers typically are operating...

Chillers and Data Centers -Data Centers - Heat Containment offered by Legacy Chiller Systems

Todays data centers are plagued with cool air oversupply and air distribution short-circuiting. Instead of supplying more chilled air, we can use a simpler approach to satisfy the...

Convert Amperage between Single and Three Phase

The table below can be used to convert amperage between single phase and three phase and vice versa.

Copper Pipes - Insulation and Heat Loss

The heat loss from an insulated copper pipe or tube to the surrounding air can be found in the table below.

Copper Piping Water Velocity Limits

The water velocity in copper pipes should be kept within certain limits to avoid erosion, corrosion and excessive noise generation.

Electrical Definitions, Terms, and Formulas

• Volts - The units of electrical potential or motive force. The force is required to send one ampere of current through one ohm of resistance.
• Ohms - The units ...

Global Warming Worries

Business Week - 10-30-2006 - Global Warming: Here come the Lawyers. The next wave of litigation after Tobacco, Guns and Junk Food. Why Detroit, Big Oil and untilies should worry....

Heat Loss Uninsulated Copper Pipes

Heat loss from 1/2" to 4" uninsulated copper pipes

Heat loss from 1/2" to 4" copper pipes or tubes at various temperature differences between the pipe and the surrounding ...

NEMA - IEC Enclosure Standards

NEMA enclosure classifications are developed by NEMA and used in the U.S./American market. Ingress Protection -IP - ratings are developed by the European Committee for Electro...

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