Basic HVACR screen test - BETA-rev

testing PicYou have been selected to beta test a new basic HVACR technician screening test. This test has been designed to measure a technician's understanding of Basic Electrical, Basic Refrigeration and Basic Diagnostics. Once complete, you will receive a detailed grading of the applicant's technical performance for use in your hiring decisions.   

 As a beta tester, your first use of the test will have a net cost of $5.00 (a savings of $34.95) using the promo code provided below. At the end of your first test, you will have an opportunity to complete a short survey. Once you have completed your first survey, our system will email you a second promo code offering the $5.00 discounted screenings for up to five additional times.

We also welcome referrals. If you choose to refer this screening service to a freind or collage, simply provide this private page link so they to can participate in our beta program.

Future plans: Depending on interest and beta feedback from this initial beta, we intend to expand this screening program to include: State driver's license screening, background checks, credit checks and additional technical screening areas. YOUR FEEDBACK IS KEY. 

Thank you for participation in our beta HVACR technical screening test. 

How to use the beta screening service

Step#1: Click the "Login" button below. Upon your first login, our system will ask you to register. Registration is only done once. Once registered, you can login as you wish take screenings and perform a variety of administration functions. 


Step#2: Once logged in, simply click the "Take a Test" link. Enter PROMO CODE 6115, pay the balance of $5.00 using a VISA or MASTERCARD and begin your test. 

Step#3: IMPORTANT ** Once you have completed your first screening, click the link below to take a brief survey that generally only take five minutes. Once you have completed the last survey question, a custom thank you message will appear. Within that message, you will find a second promo code that will allow you to administer the screening test an additional five times. 


Next Steps: Taking the next step to use this testing service within your firm is easy. This service can help weed out unqualified technicians or determine a competitive rate of pay based on actual knowledge. Companies using this screening service have reported saving thousands by hiring only qualified candidates. To take the next step, call Martin King at 530-903-4105 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. There is no cost to upgrade your account to a group manager in order to receive testing results immediately after test completion.