Chiller Economizer Case Study - Minneapolis, MN

Model PSA Air-cooled Process Chiller Semi-hermetic Compressor

Site Commissioned: 2-6-2009

Critical process application. 24/7/365 system operation.

Stage 1 = 45F / 3F Diff, Stage 2 = 48F / 3F Diff

Deployed Equipment data: Legacy PAC1200D2-T4-S (90 tons) with TS 600 external tank section.  Case study running on Legacy's retrofit Chiller Economizer Technology.

Site Historical Data

Current Outside Air Temp:   Total Dollar Savings (USD):  
*Current Mode of Operation:   Average Daily Savings (USD):  
Total Economizer run days:   Total CO Reduction (LBS):  
Current Storage Tank Temp:   ROI in Years:  
Total KWH Reductions:   Investment Yield (APR):  
Net KWH Reduction (%):      

*Modes of Operation codes: 1 = No cooling call, 2 = Economizer, 3 = Combination, 4 = Mechanical cooling.

Important Site Information

Savings data is depended on your chillers operating environment. This is a Virtual Case Study Site.  This virtual site is using real-time weather data being collected approximately every sixty seconds from the National Weather Service.  Process loads on this chiller application are simulated using Legacy advanced chiller simulator technology. Photos on this page are stock photos from Legacy installed sites.